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The District 5 Annual General Meeting is a virtual one for the second consecutive year.  The global pandemic continues to affect our behaviour, limiting our ability to meet in person.  However, even though we are physically apart to stay safe, the meeting is efficient and informative.

Agriculture Director Beth Wink calls the meeting to order.  Then, using an online polling tool, Beth guides the conversation towards discussing what our fairs mean to us.  The result of our poll and mini brainstorm session is a Word Cloud depicting the most used and most popular words at the centre.  This infographic reveals our common thoughts and feelings about our fairs.

Liz O’Gorman’s greetings as Vice-President of OAAS sums up nicely how we can use online tools such as menti.com to generate a Word Graph.  Liz remarks how she is thankful for technology during the pandemic.

Provincial Director, Linda Murray provides an update to the recent OAAS Board meeting.  Click here for a link to the ‘Take Back’ notes.


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