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Free Webinar – Directors Behaving Badly – How to improve boardroom behaviour.

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Free 30 Minute Webinar for Executive, Board and Members

Through Governance Solutions, members of District 5 have access to tools, resources, and consulting solutions.

Dr. Debra Brown from Governance Solutions was a presenter at the 2020 OAAS convention in Richmond Hill. This June 19, Rob DeRooy is providing a free Zoom chat for members of District 5 fairs.

Governance Solutions is hosting a free live Zoom event: Directors Behaving Badly – How to improve boardroom behaviour.


Tuesday, June 29th at 1pm (ET)

Behavioural governance makes all the difference in your organization; for good and, unfortunately, for bad! So, what should we do when directors are behaving badly?

Join Rob DeRooy as he discusses how to improve boardroom behaviour.


We’ll look at how to:

  •  Avoid bad behaviour by intentional director succession.
  •  Mitigate bad behaviour through effective onboarding.
  •  Stem bad behaviour through effective leadership.
  •  Systematically address bad behaviour through decisive policy development.


Register here or visit https://BIT.LY/GSIfree.

Duration: 30min, with time for questions.


Previous Sessions:

  • Choosing the Board Chair – have we been doing it wrong all this time? 
  • Back to School –Targeting Director Development. 
  • The Top 3 Reasons Boards Need to Understand Financial Statements. 
  • Internal Audit – Do or Do not. There is no try.


Click here to access all this free and exclusive content from Governance Solutions.

Note: The next event starts Tuesday, June 29th at 1pm (ET). Please register by noon (ET), June 29th.

See you there!

Governance Solutions

Tel: 1-888-698-3971

Access GovernanceSolutions.ca 


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