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The 7th annual District 5 Ambassador Competition will be held on a date on June 4, 2023 at the Great Northern Exhibition fairgrounds in Collingwood. 

Being an Ambassador is one of the most rewarding leadership opportunities for rural youth and this program will work to further the opportunities for our district’s ambassadors.

Each ambassador participating in the program will experience and participate in workshops from qualified speakers as well as the interview process, speech and impromptu question that makes up the competition portion of the program, culminating in the awarding of the OAAS District 5 Ambassador.

While we strive to keep costs at a minimum, we do require a small entry fee of $20 to cover the operating costs surrounding the day.

Sponsorship comes in many forms and all are highly valued. Some forms of sponsorship that we receive include monetary, products, services, signage, and advertising. The District Ambassador Program is primarily a bursary program and the winner receive a bursary to be used toward an aspect of Post-Secondary Education. 

Each and every sponsor is acknowledged by a listing in the program during the competition.

Your support of the 7th District 5 Ambassador program is very much appreciated.

If you have any questions, please call 705.717.1707 (Matt) or email us at mattgarwood17@hotmail.com. It is your support that makes an ambassador successful! Thank you for your time and continued support.


Emma Somerville, Meghan Somerville & Matt Garwood
OAAS District 5 Ambassador Program Coordinators

District 5 Ambassador Program Registration and Sponsorship Form

Please complete the following information and send your cheque made payable to the OAAS District 5. The mailing address is listed below. For any questions contact us.

Please mail cheques to:

OAAS District 5
268 Woodbridge Avenue,
Woodbridge, ON L4L 2T2