Fairs of District 5
Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies

Ambassador Program Application and Registration

The 7th annual District 5 Ambassador Competition will be held on a date on June 4, 2023 at the Great Northern Exhibition fairgrounds in Collingwood. 

District 5 Ambassador Program - Job Description & Information

  1. The program is open to Ambassadors holding a 2022 Fair title and will be 18 years of age on or before the 1st Monday in August 2023, (any titleholder not meeting the age requirement may participate in the competition/program but must declare themselves ineligible to be considered for the role). Participants must represent a Fair/Agricultural Society within the borders of District 5. 

  2. Participants must be available to carry out duties for the 12-month period following the program. Participants are asked to disclose any scheduling conflicts already known to them, to the Ambassador Committee, prior to the commencement of the program. Scheduling conflicts include work, school, or personal plans (e.g. travel plans).

  3. Participants must be in good health and be able to meet the physical demands of the job until completion of their reign in June the following year.

The successful candidate must obtain, complete or understand the following:

  1. Good character, poise, personality and charm
  2. Ability to join in and contribute to general conversation; any of the following qualifications will be considered in this area:
  3. General knowledge of the District, Province and Country.
  4. General information about current affairs
  5. Any special talent in, but not limited to, 4-H, School Clubs, Junior Farmers, Fair related activities, arts, hobbies, music, drama, dancing, sports or leadership


  1. Each participant will be expected to give a short-prepared speech (approximately 2-3 minutes) on one of the following: Agriculture, importance of Agricultural societies, and an aspect of the Fair or pride of place. Each participant must provide the Ambassador Committee with a written copy of his or her speech.
  2. The Ambassador is expected to attend and participate in a minimum of 6 District 5 Fairs. Scheduling conflicts must be disclosed prior to the program. There will be a chaperone arranged to assist the Ambassador at Fair visits. The role of the chaperone will be to escort the Ambassador to various functions.
  3. The Ambassador or Runner-up, while on duty, is expected to be attired appropriately. Business casual attire such as dresses, slacks, sweaters, dress shirts, suits and skirts is essential. No blue jeans are allowed. Appropriate footwear for walking and standing for long periods is essential. Only while on duty should the Ambassador and/or Runner-up wear their sash.

Ambassador Application Form